An open letter to Malcom Turnbull

Dear Mr Turnbull,

I am writing you this open letter, not only as an Australian citizen who is not currently residing and paying taxes in your country, but as a young person, who one day would like to ‘still call Australia home’.

I am writing you this letter because I think that, by comparison, I am one of the lucky ones. I made it through University, with my HECS debt, still intact and waiting for me to return, but at least I had the choice to go to University.

The long story short is that we need policies that support everyday Australians over the interests of multinational corporations and the wealthiest 1%. We need an end to the attacks on health, education and our social safety net; affecting the most vulnerable people.

It is not as simple for young Australians now to just ‘get a job’ and ludicrous to think that you will make them work for $4 per hour! How is this sustainable? How will people ever be able to crack into the housing market, when you believe that $80,000 per year is the average wage?

I could go on and on about all of the things that I believe to be wrong with this budget, but what really gets to me is when you say that parents should be the ones responsible for their children being able to crack into the housing market. Now I know that I can say thing for my parents, that they would give me the coat off their back if I needed it, but it isn’t their responsibility.

I have absolutely no doubt it’s always been a very exciting time to be Malcolm Turnbull with your little white fluffy dogs in your harbour side mansion. But ‘excited’ is not a word I would use to describe the overarching vibe of my generation who has been pummelled by your political party for political purposes for far too long.

In fact, the only thing that excites me about the future in 2016 is the chance to vote you and your excitement-killing government out with you. I will be sure to get my postal vote at the ready; I think that is something to be optimistic about.

Today also marks the beginning of my political career; starting my course with the Continuing Education unit at Oxford University. So, better watch out 😉


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