You’re packing up your sleeping bag
Your lamp, supplies and tent
You’re off to find the life you’ve lost
But you aren’t sure where it went.

And I hope the mountains teach you
How to stand both tall and proud
To see your life more clearly
With your view above the clouds.

I hope you swim in rivers
With currents swift and fast
That they show you must be careful
When you try to wash away your past.

I hope you walk through muddy plains
And be thankful for the view
Feel the grass between your toes
Bidding all your worries adieu.

And for the times you feel like it is hopeless
Reassure yourself its all going to be fine
Be thankful for each individual moment;
A realisation that it cant rain all the time.

I hope that you stay humbled
By the vastness of the sea
Observe birds circling high above you
To remind you that you’re free.

From the azure across bold mountains
And the windswept green on the plain
Momentary sadness doesn’t last forever
There’ll be a time you’ll feel at home again.

For there’ll be a time you’ll realise
That home isn’t actually a place
It’s always with you in your back pack
Memories stay scattered across your face.

I hope that when night starts to beckon
And your fire’s nothing more than a spark
That the stars strewn across remind you
There is always light and beauty in the dark.

But the one thing that I always hope
No matter how far we all may roam
That regardless of the distance
Outside, you can always feel at home.


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