To Write Again

She bled unexpressed words from her fingers
Watching as they fell from the ends of her hands.
Until the screen beneath her was suffocated
In thoughts that even she couldn’t understand.


The words danced with glee on the backlit screen
As they worked together forming straight lines
They’d finally escaped from where she’d locked them
Jumping free of her body’s confines.


She couldn’t stop them telling her stories
Couldn’t hide it by biting her tongue
She looked wide eyed as they shifted
Sentence after sentence was strung.


They told her stories she’d long since forgotten
Swept into the dustiest parts of her mind
and the stories that she wanted to keep hidden
Ones she prayed no one would ever find.


She watched the word’s dances become slower
then finally fall to a rest,
she smiled ever so slightly,
a great weight had been lifted off her chest.


She’d thought that her words were all just worthless
but putting them down left nowhere to hide
she was starting to notice the beauty
that she’d always tried so hard to keep bottled up inside.



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