RÜFÜS – Bloom #AlbumReview

Sydney trio RUFUS return with their new album, Bloom.


With their debut album Atlas listened to on repeat during the late nights when I was writing my thesis; the expectations were high for this one and I was so excited when it was released.

What I want in music that makes me focus (when I am writing, working, playing games, chilling out at my big amazing beach house – that is basically this album for me – minus the big beach house (for now).

Sydney trio RÜFÜS make proficient, highly-functional dance pop and this new edition does not disappoint. “If you want me, if you need me, I’m yours,” Tyrone Lindqvist sings as everything around him grinds to a halt. It’s all about raw honesty and musical simplicity here.

What I also found really interesting about this new album was the recording process of it. Having toured their debut several times around the world, the band eventually bunked down in Berlin (side note: cannot wait to visit Berlin at the end of Feb myself ;)) to work on new material. With this distance, away from their home, friends and loved ones, the songs that emerged explored emotions more than narrative, something that I would imagine many expats like myself would understand.

But ah, the musician’s paradox: If you don’t change, fans call you stagnant. If you change too much, they stop listening all together. The bigger the band, the bigger the dilemma. Do you continue making music that sounds like the stuff that won your followers or do you try to innovate and risk alienating your fans? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

In this case, the mix of new melodic sounds, plus the familiarity of something that listeners came to adore about the previous album entwine faultlessly. The dream trio has recorded an album that is spotless from start to finish, an unquestionably beautiful collection of songs. But man, does it sound familiar; who said that was a bad thing though? 😉

SOUNDS LIKE: your new favourite album, just add fancy beach cocktail party.

IN A WORD: exclusive


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