Fight like a girl

As promised, my slam from the other night 😉

I live in a world of connotations 

Excuses for situations where 

“She fights like a girl”  


“Boys will be boys”  

Just makes it okay. 

And the size of my tits 

Matters more than my wits 

Or at least that’s what you think.  

Maybe we should all worry less 

About your thigh gap 

And more about the 

Pay gap?  

But we’re told from the time we’re young  

That we’re too this or too that,  

Too thin, too fat  

To break through the glass ceiling  

Girl you’ve gotta be dreaming,  

This really is a mans world. 

You should just sit down and shut up  

And not make a fuss  

Cause it’s easier  

To just be who they want you to be  

I’ll tell you what you’ve failed to see  

Make you understand what you’re missing  

My mouth isn’t just made for kissing  

It’s made for the articulate frenzy of revolution  

Because there has to be some kind of solution  

To all the inequalities that we see in this world. 

And I’m not trying to start shit 

Just shake things up a little bit 

Because it’s not the 1950s anymore 

And we all deserve the floor 

To be whoever we want to be 

Regardless of the gender you see. 

And I’ll always have a way with my brokenness 

Although it’s hard to see through my outspokenness 

That I always just think too much

And sometimes feel a bit out of touch

But your words do actually hurt

And I don’t deserve to be treated like dirt

Or just made out to be nothing more than a flirt.

Oh you like video games and watch star wars?  

Okay, yeah hold for the applause. 

There’s a lot that I keep silent

But I’m not going to get violent 

Even if you tell me I’m not good enough.

I’m going to take your dissolution 

And work towards a conclusion 

Where everyone feels like they have the right to speak

And it doesn’t make me weak 

Cause I’m able to stand on my own two feet

I bet you wish you had the balls like me

There’s no one around who’s going to tell me how to be 

So yeah I fight like a girl and I’ll continue to fight  

And say what I think even if you don’t think it’s right  

I’ll always bite off more than I can chew  

It’s something I’m determined to do  

I’m going to make my mark on this world  

Even if you think “I’m only just a girl”. 
Hope you enjoyed this poem. To finish off, have a read of this interesting article in the guardian about the pay gap; I can’t believe it’s 2015 and this is still happening –


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