Slamming poems

So I did my very first ever poetry slam tonight. I have never really read my poetry aloud, but this was a pretty interesting (in a good way) experience. 

I think that whatever you do in life you need to learn from. Whether it is good or bad. Ten points in my book for just putting yourself out there. 

This isn’t the poem that I read out, but it’s the quick workings of a start of my follow up slam. I learned so much tonight about slam poetry, while my usual style probably isn’t as slammy as I once thought (although, slammy is a great word) I feel good putting myself out there are being the best human I can be. 

Slam poem 2.0 – enjoy 


I lost my first poetry slam and I know what you’re thinking 

I should be at home all disheartened and drinking 

it’s funny you know, cause when you live your whole life 

Thinking you’re not good enough that’s exactly what you’ll be.

Will I ever be enough

Or am I just unforgettable?

Actually, you know what 

I don’t just don’t give a fuck

I don’t care if you think that my rhymes are just shit 

Cause I’m not just up here to impress with my wit

I’m a fucking survivor who’s been through the ringer 

And I won’t just be won over with a fancy fucking dinner

So I swear and I curse you might think that’s regrettable 

But I know who I am and what I won’t settle for

Because see that’s the thing 

When you push to your limits

You don’t tend to push for 

The validation from idiots 

So I lost my first slam but I think that was the best 

Cause there’s no fucking way I will lose all the rest. 


Also, have a pretty photo of Oxford. 🍁🍂



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