Be kind, always. 

But what if it was one of us? Everyone thinks that they are immune, that it won’t happen to them. For most of us, thankfully it never will. We will always have enough to maintain a certain standard of our lives as we know them, a decent job, a car, a place to sleep, the occasional night out to splurge for dinner. 
Everyone had their views about homelessness. But have you ever stopped to think how close we all are to ending up having nothing. You lose your job. Your girlfriend breaks up with you. Your family, all gone. When you have absolutely no where to turn, what would you do? 

Imagine it is a cold night. The icy wind is hurting your hands as you walk through the streets home. Imagine that you had no where to go. No one to turn to for support when you really need it. Imagine that because you can’t get this kind of support, you turn to coping with the loss and hurt by gaining support from alcohol or drugs, because they are the only thing that stop you thinking about where you are for that certain space in time. 
We are rich. We are reading this piece of writing on a smartphone, or a tablet or computer, snuggled up in our warm beds, escape from the harsh night outside. We have food in our fridges (or the ability to get food). We know where our next meal is coming from or where we are going to sleep tomorrow night. We can pay rent. We scrape by, but we manage. That is a lot more than most people can say, yet we always want more, bigger, better, newer. That’s fine. You work hard you want to have the things that you want but selfishness is an easy street to live upon, when you can’t think about how someone else might feel. 

Imagine if you didn’t know where you were going home to. Imagine if your days were spent asking for some spare change, when all you really want is someone to talk to, someone who cares. Someone to buy you a coffee and ask how you are feeling. 

I’m not writing this as a guilt trip. I’m not writing this to make you feel like you don’t deserve what you have because I’m sure that you do. I’m writing this to make you aware. Knowing is the first obstacle. Too often we decide not to talk about things that are uncomfortable, that might make us feel uneasy. It’s just that we don’t understand that this can happen to anyone. It’s so easy to get caught up in whatever it is your life catches you up in. Sometimes it’s important to reflect on what is important, on how much you have and on how much capacity you have to make a difference. 

I’m not talking about making a difference like changing the whole world tomorrow, because as long as we are like we are that’s never going to change. But you can change little things and sometimes they are the most important changes that you can make. You can pay for someone’s coffee, buy someone dinner who maybe can afford it – the littlest of gestures mean so much to everyone and you should never let the vastness of the worlds problems deter you from being kind, humble and sincere. 

Our achievements are only our achievements until we are gone. Our stuff isn’t relevant, I don’t understand why people want to constantly accumulate things. It’s our actions that are limitless and live on in the people around us that are affected by actions. If we breathe positivity, people respond positively to us. 

If you have gotten to this point of my post, you are a true champion and I seriously like owe you a pint or something (not so random act of kindness haha). But I ask you, that one day soon, do something really nice for someone else. Doesn’t matter who they are. Doesn’t matter if you think it’s stupid, or little or trivial. Don’t be afraid to make people question, to make people think. 

The world will change. And it will happen through one random act of kindness at a time. 


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