Life is breathtakingly beautiful. 

Hold onto it. Every little skerrick of faith you have left. People who hurt you are there to test you. To make you believe that everyone is horrible. To make you believe there are no good people left. 
Really feel it. 

How does it feel? 

Do you feel shit? 

Unwanted? Not good enough? 


You’re learning. 

Life is amazing. Then it is awful. Then it is amazing again. And the in between points of amazing and awful, there lies routine, the mundane; ordinary. Each part is just as important. 

Breathe in the amazing. Relish it. 

Hold on through the awful. Remember the breaths you took when it was amazing. Push forward to the next ‘amazing’ when it’s ordinary. 

Living this heart breaking, soul crushing, awe inspiring, ordinary life, is breathtakingly beautiful. 



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