Over a month and I am still surviving. 

Haven’t posted anything for a little while so I thought I’d catch you all up. I have been living in Oxford now for just over a month and in that month, I’ve been working as a junior project manger at PRIME, I have moved house into a cute little Harry Potter room in an, well let’s just call it interesting share house and am trying my best to adjust as an adult, living in a new country and being a working contributor to society. It’s weird. Although throughout my student life I have always worked like three jobs just to make ends meet, I can’t tell you whether this is easier or harder, or just different. 
I have gone through all the emotions of moving to a new city, the homesickness being away from my family and friends, making new friends, and trying to establish some sort of a life here for myself. I’ve had a great deal of time to think about things, about who I am, what I want out of life and the mark that I want to leave on the world. It’s still all so undecided, so if I come to any revolutionary conclusions, I will be sure to let you all know. 
Oxford as a city has this funny way of making you feel like you have endless possibilities in the world, yet it is paired with a deep sense of insignificance. I walk to work each morning through the gardens of Christchurch college, where the likes of Lewis and Tolkien have studied and taught. It’s crazy that a girl who went to kingswood high would ever even end up here. I was not what you would have called a model student in high school by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that maybe where my opportunities differed from that of my classmates was from my innate ability to dream of something better. Not that a life back home isn’t good, I guess I have just always asked the question, there’s gotta be more, doesn’t there? 
This whole prestige is something that is so new to me, whilst still being prevalent in Australia, the divide is much more evident in the uk. Having attended primary school in a small town, high school in a less than prestigious, but still ‘charming’ place and then continuing on to university in western sydney, I have thought a lot about class, how we as people are often born into a certain life. Many people then make choices, that are often somewhat similar, finish uni, get a job close to home, meet someone, be old etc etc. Moving here was obviously a big change for me, something that I never really expected that I would have the courage to do, but somehow, I have a feeling that choice will change the outcome of my life, hopefully for the better. 
There will always and have always been so many questions that will, as hard as we try to answer them, remain unanswered in life. What will we do? Who will we be? Who will we end up with? Making big decisions to change the course of your life and shake things up are not only terrifying, they ultimately are the choices that will write the stories of our lives. Just because you are in a different situation to someone else, doesn’t make it any better or any worse, it is all just a progression of the individual choices that we make. 

And so I am still living it of a suitcase, but unpacking slowly and carefully. 

(This was also a great read) http://elitedaily.com/life/motivation/everyone-live-suitcase-least-lives/785282/

Whilst it is awesome to think about the amazing things that the future may bring and the ramifications of the choices that we make, there’s something exciting about living in the present, taking each day as it comes and really enjoying the moment that you are in. I’m still talking to and trying to keep in contact as much as I can with my lovely friends and family back home, you are always going to be a part of my life and I’m so lucky to have such a great support. I just feel as though wherever I am in the world, the people who will be in my life, always will be. 

So maybe the homesickness that comes and goes is a good thing. Maybe I appreciate what I have because it’s so much further away from me. It’s funny the things that can spur it on too, I was at the gym this afternoon and I was using the medicine ball to work my abs, it reminded me of the times I went to the gym with my brother and we’d stand back to back, passing the weighted ball to each other, it was his “rocky” training. So that made me a bit sad this afternoon. But happy because I have a wonderful brother back home and an amazing family who I miss so much. 

So thanks for reading. As you can tell my brain kinda goes all over the place. For your patience, here are some lovely photos of Oxford from my weekend adventures 🙂 
 My roommate and workmate Dan and I in “Cowelyfornia”  

Some photos from the Cowley carnival parade (right near my house)

Woooo Oxford!   


This years theme of the carnival was the environment and our future (I think, don’t quote me on that though)  


Reading in the park on Saturday afternoon, good old Karl Pilkington 😂

Alice’s day 2015, celebrating 150 years since the first publishing of Alice in Wonderland. 

Mad hatters tea party. I do love Oxford.   
This tree was planted approximately 150 years ago, around the time that the first Alice in Wonderland stories were bought to life. The history of this place is kinda amazing.   
Beautiful Christchurch gardens.   

Everything is so old and like a castle. 

This guy wasn’t university educated, that why we don’t know his name.   

I literally work like five minutes from here. So pretty. 



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