3 Bittersweet Realities Of Returning Home After Traveling Abroad

Thought Catalog

Oh, to break free from the shackles of everyday life and venture forth into the unfamiliar.

I have been lucky enough to do two internships abroad, one in Lisbon and another in Amsterdam. I cannot stress enough how amazing these experiences have been for me and how much I’ve grown because of them. But even with the pleasure and excitement of extended travel comes the bittersweetness of it all.

1. You leave a piece of your heart in every place you’ve been.

You don’t have to equate leaving a place with heartbreak every time you move on from wherever you are, but sometimes, that’s exactly what it feels like. You meet all these incredible people with whom you share almost everything with: hilariously gut-busting stories about that one time you had one too many drinks, mutual admiration for the rich culture of the country you’re living in, late night adventures…

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