Week two and my brain is jelly.

After a week of intense coding, reading, report writing, analysing, assisting with Q4 reports AND working on my research questions my brain is kind of a little bit dead. I have essentially worked in every department here (aside from corporate or the news analysis team downstairs, but thank god I didn’t have to get my head around all of that too), I have learned so much and am very nervous and excited for what the next few weeks will bring.

So I will go through all the boring stuff first, my research questions. Late last week I was tasked to have a think about and write down as many potential research questions that my little brain was able to come up with. At first the target was 15, then 30, then 40 and by late Thursday of week 2 of my time here at PRIME, I had not only coded and report written and data analysed, but had come up with a total of 51 questions (it was a 50, and my OCD hates that I got to 51, but there’s no way that by Friday afternoon I would piece together another 9 tangible questions, so I just left it at that. Anyway, not that you are really all that interested, but here they are.

1. How does cylinder size compare to media tonality of car models across brands? positive articles vs cylinder size comparing brands

2. Which car brands have created the biggest media reach with their technological developments? Variables include alternative driving technologies, autonomous driving developments and interconnectivity software developments (i.e. Apple car play, android auto).

3. How important is the technology in the automotive industry? Tonality used in articles over time: Volume, Share of voice, tonality

4. How does technology rank in media sentiment? Technology vs other aspects spoken about in regards to automotive by the media

5. What is the media perception regarding autonomous driving? What are the main concerns that are addressed? Product aspects autonomous drive + corporate aspect… + tonality

6. Media visibility of tech developments within brands/who are seen as the industry leader for automotive technical development? Which brands have the most mentions of technical development / attributes in technological development?

7. What are the most visible technological attributes in the automotive industry? Eg wifi connectivity with other devices etc, autonomous driving saving accidents, reduction of emission

8. How does media tonality change comparing to luxury and volume vehicles of the same brand?

9. How does powertrain affect media tonality across the BMW range?

10. How are car tech developments represented in media tonality? Pos to neg – what is defined as car tech

11. What is the media tonality of auto tech developments post CES 2015?

12. Comparative tonality of Telsa v GM in regards to technological developments in the automotive industry

13. Share of voice technological developments in the automotive industry receives (looking at autonomous driving technologies, hybrid technologies, interconnectivity in vehicles) product aspect

14. Media visibility over time looking at autonomous driving and alternative engine technology.

15. Perception of augmented reality in the automotive industry over time.

16. How do brands tuned divisions help to bolster their media image?

17. Is CES an effective outlook for automotive tech launches vs. other motor shows?

18. What is the lead time for ‘luxury tech’ to become economy – look at examples of braking etc? When do these technologies become the expectation in a product?

19. How can we segment technology in the automotive industry?

20. How does company tonality, use of slogans and branding play a role in media voice and tonality of brands?

21. Which variables influence positive corporate media visibility?

22. How do strategic alliances with other corporations affect media visibility?

23. What is the tonality of the top corporate themes of JLR?

24. What can influence shifts in global corporate visibility over time?

25. What influence do alternative motoring strategies have on corporate image?

26. What is considered to be ‘new technology’ at current in the automotive industry?

27. How does environmental/alternative engine technologies affect media tonality of corporate image?

28. Media tonality of autonomous driving over time

29. What types of automotive technologies [environment, safety, communication, performance, entertainment] are perceived to be innovative over time? Look at the CES from previous years to see what kind of coverage was considered to be ‘innovative’ and how that has changed

30. How well are brand strategies/slogans/image reflected in media tonality? Eg. Honda – power of dreams, Skoda – simply clever

31. What is the global visibility and tonality benchmark across automotive groups?

32. What product aspects are more likely to gain positive media tonality?

33. Who are the most influential journalists (and media publications) regarding new tech developments in the automotive industry? What is the tonality of their articles?

34. How do alternative engine technologies attribute to everyday practicality and positive media tonality over time?

35. How do products exemplifying state of the art technology share in media voice over time compared to those who aren’t attributed to state of the art?

36. How does everyday practicality affect media tonality within volume brands?

37. Do special anniversary models have more positive media tonality and share of media voice than comparable standard models?

38. How do politically/socially active corporations share in media voice over time compared to those who do not?

39. Does market success/leadership attribute to a higher share of voice across premium brands?

40. Do high performance/capacity vehicles have more positive media tonality than non-high performance vehicles?

41. How does market position compare between premium brands? Does higher market position equate to more positive tonality?

42. What impact does corporate strategy have over time on a brands media tonality? How can premium and volume brands be differentiated in this way?

43. How important is sustainability when compared to other corporate aspects of a brand?

44. How does corporate benchmark coverage affect tonality of brands?

45. What affects tonality over time in regards to alternative engine technologies?

46. How manufacturing coverage is attributed to digital/connected car strategy across premium and volume brands

47. Does financial performance attribute to the development of hybrid technologies?

48. How much does design attribute to everyday practicality across volume brands?

49. Is sustainability an important benchmark for positive media tonality?

50. Is the connected car strategy a highly visible strategy across volume and premium brands?

51. Do ‘connected cars’ currently raise any problems for industry leaders in automotive development? (Tonality/sov)

While not all of these are car tech related specifically, it has helped in order to challenge me to start thinking about the automotive industry in general, what I would like to talk about in my report and giving myself a general breakdown of an industry, let’s be honest, that I know little to nothing about (BMW i8s are pretty nice looking though http://www.autoblog.com/2014/11/19/2015-bmw-i8-autoblog-technology-of-the-year-finalist/#image-62). Some of my above questions might not make sense to anyone else, and half the time I feel as though I am probably repeating myself, but I guess this is all just part of the creative process of coming up with good report questions to analyse. I know that it probably won’t happen, but any suggestions/edits/even if you just read through them and let me know what you think is always greatly appreciated.

It has also been good to read about what other important opinion leaders are saying about the industry, there is a lot of buzz around automotive technologies and the kinds of cars that we will be driving in the future (or if we will even be driving them anymore at all) and automotive at tech shows like CES are taking off, so it is a pretty exciting industry to be writing about. http://www.prweek.com/article/1329659/compelling-narratives-drive-buzz-auto-tech-shows

It is really daunting to write a report. It is even more daunting when you are half way around the world and are writing about an industry you still feel you don’t really have a grasp upon. But I guess with that doubt comes excitement at the same time. I can’t wait until it is finished and written and then I can say yep, I did this, I wrote a report on whatever that I never thought in a million years that I could do.

Homesickness has been putting a dampener on things for the latter part of this week as well. With everyone at home celebrating Australia Day, it’s easy to remember what I was doing last year for Australia Day, having a BBQ with some friends and listening to the Hottest 100. I guess I just have to keep thinking that there are so many people who would absolutely kill to be in my position, so I just need to enjoy it. And I am, it is so amazing. How many people can say they have lived and worked overseas? How many people can say they were given the same opportunities that I have been? I guess it is just easy to feel a little bit homesick, especially around country oriented holidays.

It feels good to have some sort of routine now as well, I am enjoying work, where I live is amazing and it is so easy to get to work every day and on my days off, I’m filling my time with tours and exploring around Oxford. This weekend I decided to book a tour to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath. It was cheaper and more effective to catch the Oxford Tube (bus that runs every 10 mins between here and London) to London and go on the tour from there than it was to try and get to Stonehenge from Oxford (even though technically in distance, it would be closer to just go there straight from Oxford). The public transport here is pretty decent and living pretty much in the city of Oxford makes it super easy to get to and from places just by walking, but it is always fun to travel around a bit as well.

So, I went out on my tour on Saturday to Windsor castle, Stonehenge and Bath. I’m trying to fill my weekends with as much travel around the place as I can, I have to, after all take advantage of living a stone’s throw away from Europe. The day started at about 6am when I needed to take the Oxford Tube bus from here to central London. It’s not a bad service, but it is pretty much a two hour ride from the bus station to London. So I left at about 6am, got to London at about 8am to meet up with my tour and get on the bus at 8:30am. It was a good day, full of bus tours, we had to drive quite a bit, but it was definitely worth it. Stonehenge was incredible, driving up, it looked a lot smaller than what I had imagined, but when I walked up to it, it was a lot more life sized, haha.

I’m still trying to decide whether or not I should go to Paris this weekend. Pro is, I get to go to Paris, con is that I have to catch the 3:10am bus from Oxford to get to London before 5am so I can get the tour pickup to the international train station to get to Paris. Haha, please leave suggestions on whether or not I should Paris it up this weekend and enjoy some photos from my tour to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath 🙂

Also, Happy Australia Day 🙂












One thought on “Week two and my brain is jelly.

  1. Jess you blog is such good reading I don’t think it will matter what you write about and no I don’t know think you should go to Paris but I just a worried dad

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