Week one living and working in Oxford for PRIME Research

And what a week it has been. It has challenged me both professionally and personally, made me think about things in a different way and has been an amazing experience so far.

Work has been so challenging. My research question is starting to develop, alongside with my use of the PRIME Research methods, including pivot tables to analyse data and the PRIME coding system. It is actually quite an amazing company in that all of their coders are native language, human coders giving reliability to their data collection process and thus, their reporting and results. It has been interesting having the chance to work in different parts of the office and see what everyone does in order to make the company work. Although the automotive sector is something I never really thought about writing about and being interested in, a good writer and communicator is able to channel their skills and expertise and apply that passion across all industries. And that’s what I plan to do. Also, I want to buy a Lotus now. This one please. http://www.lotuscars.com.au/lotus-range-exige-s.php

I have been developing a list of research questions (which I will post later on in the week once they are finished, I am currently sitting at 15 questions and need to get to 40 by tomorrow afternoon, wish me luck) to help me think about the variables that I will be able to use and present in my final report. Not only will this report give insight to technology in the automotive industry, it will be timely and newsworthy (hopefully publication in PR daily newsworthy), so I’m not just writing nothing about nothing, it is hoping to bring insight into the future trends of the industry and hopefully will be good enough to add to my portfolio of work.

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with some great friends (one of whom studied at Oxford) so they took me around to all of the beautiful colleges, Christchurch and we had a great day doing touristy things.







(Seriously, why couldn’t I have gone to uni in a place that looks like this, it is absolutely amazing). Considering that these universities are hundreds of years old, doesn’t give much comparison to UWS, sitting at a lowly 25 years haha.



50 points to the person who guesses what that staircase is from 😛 oh and there is so much Harry Potter merch and stuff here it is kinda ridiculous. I may need to buy extra baggage or just wear layers upon layers to get everything home.


The other thing I discovered about Oxford after having some time to explore around during the day when I wasn’t at work was all of the amazing book shops around here. Blackwells is a three level books shop, plus they have a separate music shop, which I am planning to frequent just so I can play their guitars and poster and art shop. I bought a book from an author that a lecturer told me about in my first year doing advertising at uni. If you get a chance to look him up, he is amazing. His name is Paul Arden and he is a former executive creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi, the advertising agency. The above photo is a quote from the book that I bought in the weekend (I already own his first one, entitled, it’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be) and this one is called ‘Whatever you think, think the opposite’.
This quote encapsulates so much for me right now about my life and the decisions that I have made. It is so true, we are who we choose to be.

Now for some more existential thinking stuff, I was lucky enough to get a ticket to a TEDx talk in Oxford, and I spent my day there today, listening to some amazing speakers. I would run out of blog space to talk about them all, but a few highlights for me included Nat Ware an economist, entrepreneur and international development specialist. His work stuck a chord with me and it was interesting to see how quickly we are to label people as hypocrites. Another massive highlight was Alan Watkins, who focuses his study on the human behaviour and how we approach our lives and how much our emotions can dictate our success or failure. Another amazing thing about the TED talk were the live artists downstairs drawing summaries of some of the talks. Here are a few I managed to get photos of.






So all in all, a busy, full on, packed first week living and working in Oxford. It has been such an incredible experience so far and I can’t wait for what the next few weeks will bring (even with all the hard work ahead of me). Just another quick shoutout to all of my lovely friends back home. Your calls, messages and just general contact with you all has made this so much easier. I always want to be the kind of person that takes on any opportunity that I can and I know that I will be able to do anything with your continued support, so I thank you all greatly.

I truly believe that people who will change the world are the ones that are willing to take risks, because all risks are opportunities for growth, development and change. I want to always continue to take every opportunity that I can and relish the amazing position that I am in to make a difference within the world, I think that I am just crazy enough to think that I can, so I will (see this is what TEDx does to you, haha).

Thanks for reading, and happy Sunday night from Oxford 🙂


Oh yeah, and that Jurassic park tee, £3! I love the shopping here (a little too much).


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