From Italy to London to Oxford – the adventure continues

The next leg of my journey started at Venezia airport on Friday. I was not really ready to leave beautiful Italy, but my time had come to continue on with my journey.

With my flight slightly delayed due to bad weather, I arrived in Heathrow airport at around 4pm and once clearing customs I was on my way. The customs guy seemed really interested about my time in the UK, I honestly thought I would have had a harder time getting in, because so many of my friends that have travelled internationally for long holidays have had trouble, but it was a short conversation and they deemed me worthy enough to enter.

Because my flight was delayed, my transfer had to wait for a little bit in order to pick me up. She was taking two other people into London with me as well, a lovely lady from Milan and her son who had come to London for the weekend as a Christmas present. The sky was dark, grey and dreary, everything that I expected from London, but I was so excited to finally be here.

After dropping off the other passengers, I got to talking with the lady taking me in for my transfer. She had been through a similar relationship breakdown to me when she was around my age and she said that it was the best thing to ever happen to her and is certain that the case will be the same for me.

Once I finally got to my hotel room in London, I decided to go exploring around this new city. It is always a bit harder to recognise where things are at night, but I only walked just up the street before I found a Starbucks, and I totally had to get something.

The next day, my only full day in London was spent seeing the sights. I decided to buy another tour bus hop on hop off ticket tour which worked out really well and allowed me to explore all over the city all day. It was great because it included a river Thames boat ride and a Harry Potter movie location walking tour that I also went on later in the day.

After a full day of exploring, I met up with Emily and her boyfriend Rich for dinner and to go and see a play on Saturday night. We had a great night out and it was so great to see someone from back home. The play that we saw was amazing (great choice by Emily). It was called ‘The play that goes wrong’ and as you can imagine, was about a play that went wrong. I loved the breaking the fourth wall aspect of the production and the slapstick Monty Python style humour was amazing.

On Sunday morning before heading to Oxford, I met up with another fellow Australian who is over here at the moment, Tim. It was great to catch up for coffee with him and to hear that he and his wife are doing so well over here. Catching up with people from back home is always good, just makes you feel a bit closer to home and not miss it as much for a little while.

Sunday afternoon was spent on the London to Oxford tube bus (with free wifi yay). It is such a good public transport set up, with buses running to and from here pretty much all throughout the day and night (and only for £11 which is pretty amazing considering the distance from London to Oxford).

I am so excited and nervous to start working at PRIME Research UK tomorrow. Not only do I have the new job nervousness, I have that in an entirely different country, an entirely different place, where I don’t really know anyone yet, so it is safe to say that it is pretty daunting. I’m very lucky to have amazing support from back home, I don’t think I would have made it this far without my awesome friends and family and I am truly forever grateful for that.

It is easy to doubt yourself, to think that you are not good enough, smart enough, or just not enough. I think that it is even harder to overcome that doubt when you are by yourself. I am going to give my all to this role at PRIME as it is such an amazing opportunity and stepping stone for my future career. I’m still not sure what I want to wind up eventually doing but I know that whatever it is I do, there is no way that I am going to put in a half-assed effort.

So until the next blog post, have a bunch of photos from my gallivants around London 😀






















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