What happens next.

All of my posts thus far have been looking at the process that was my Honours year. And what a tremendous, strenuous and eye opening year it has been.

“This blog will help to document the process and research findings of my Honours project at the University of Western Sydney in 2014, looking at the Self-management of Chronic Pain using social media”… but what now?

With my marks coming back next week on December 5th, the last few months have been a great time for me to reflect of the year that has been and how far I have come both as an academic writer and a Public Relations graduate. It feels weird. Being a ‘graduate’ in something. No longer will it be okay for me just to have a run of the mill job that I am just doing to ‘get myself through uni’, nope, this is the real deal end game here, isn’t it?

I have been extremely lucky having being offered an opportunity next year at PRIME Research UK as a Research Fellow. My fellowship will take place in beautiful Oxford from January 12th – February 20th and this blog will be the best place for you all to keep up with my travels and the production of my next research paper.

I have been continuing my learning in the last few weeks attending networking drinks (yep still counts, I work in the media now) and a PRIA PR pitching event, making sure that alongside my academic writing, I keep my PR pitching and talking to journo skills up for when I get back and need to find a ‘proper’ job.

So keep your eyes peeled as I will get my marks back soon and I will need some friends to console/celebrate with me depending on the verdict.


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