Practice-led research and Research-led practice and bleh.

Yesterday during our tutorials for Creativity Theory and Practice, my all time ultimate favourite class ever, we have been looking at practice led research and research led practice. It has been interesting to look at how practice led research works on reflection and documentation of the research process, rather than the final product.

While this is great and very interesting it has been really hard to relate it to my coursework (As I am not a music student). I do understand the point of it, and I agree, I think that practice led research can help to evoke a different approach to creative humanities research.

I think that this course (just a general statement about it) is so much more based to a practical based Honours project, rather than a dissertation. I am all for reading outside the square and expanding my knowledge, but I just don’t believe that the majority of the topics for the presentations are relevant to me and other communication students doing this course.

I don’t know how I am going to go with the rest of this coursework, but I am going to keep on powering through.

Motivation is draining already. It is week three. Haha.


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