Getting Started :)

This blog will help me to document my findings and research into my Honours project that I hope to complete at the University of Western Sydney in 2014.

My name is Jessica Turner and I am a current undergraduate (soon to be graduating in September) Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) student.  I have always been interested in research throughout my degree and feel as though the Honours year will give me a chance to expand upon my research skills looking into my topic of interest and allow me to broaden my experience before undertaking full time work.

As I had worked full time in a part of my undergraduate degree, I have the next semester off (Spring 2013) and will commence my Honours year 6 months later than expected – in 2014. I am looking at this as a positive experience as it allows me to spend more time doing initial reading and research for my project.

The course I will be undertaking next year at University of Western Sydney is 1657 Bachelor of Communication (Honours)

Preliminary title –
Media and public perception of Chronic Pain sufferers: The use of online support networks to enhance quality of life and understanding of this condition.
As a part of my project I need to:

  • Define Chronic Pain
  • Research Chronic Pain sufferers usage of online support networks and determine why/why they don’t use them
  • Determine whether or not the use of online support networks (discussion boards, facebook pages etc) are beneficial to Chronic Pain sufferers
  • Explore why Chronic Pain sufferers may feel overlooked and unaccepted in society and ways to combat these issues and raise awareness.

Below outlines the statement of intent requirements that I will need to submit to be accepted into the Honours progam 

Statement of Intent
A statement of approximately 1000 words that describes a research proposal and includes a select bibliography. The research proposal should include:

  • a preliminary title for the research project
  • a rationale for doing this research (why is it necessary/important? What need/gap does it seek to address?)
  • a preliminary attempt to define the research problem, with reference to the inter/disciplinary areas in which the research will be conducted
    an outline of the conceptual/theoretical framework that will inform the research
  • a preliminary description of proposed research methodologies, including whether the research will require ethics approval (for example, if field research such as interviews and questionnaires is proposed)

I am very excited to start working on this project and will use this blog as a means to post up my information, findings, helpful resources, pages I have referred to and websites that I have used to complete my project.


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